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do you ever wonder how a character is doing after a series is over

all the time




Dangerous wolf

Big Bad Wolf, indeed.



MAN PROTECTS SHELTER DOGS FROM VIOLENT MOB - Petro Dibrova was forced to become a human shield when a mob of angry men appeared with the intention of killing the animals and taking the compound for themselves.”

A security guard named Petro Dibrova recently encountered an angry mob in front of a dog shelter in the Ukraine. The mob wanted to kill the dogs and destroy the compound. Apparently, they felt that resources at the shelter should be used for humans. Dibrova did his best to stop the mob but he was stabbed and punched. Police were called and one of the attackers was arrested. Read more from The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund:

“The men started beating the dogs on their paws and Petro immediately threw himself at them,” Tamara continued. “The men were punching Petro and stabbing him with a screwdriver. They knocked out one of Peter’s teeth and stabbed him in the cheek and leg. The shouts and the barking of the dogs alerted the women employees at the shelter who came forward instantly. Then the men started screaming more and threatened to burn down the shelter with all the dogs in it. Our female employees managed to call the police who arrived pretty quickly and arrested one of the attackers.”


“Had Petro not been there, the animals would be dead today and we fear for what may have happened to our female workers,” Tamara continues. “This one man single-handedly protected more than a thousand lives.”

Petro is expected to fully recover and to return to the shelter later this month. At his own home, Petro cares for several dogs he has adopted from the shelter, and now he is compelled to defend them all. He has vowed never to leave the dogs.

Mr. Dibrova’s heroic actions saved the lives of many dogs. The dog shelter in the Ukraine is in dire need of assistance, especially since it is in a war zone. Please share and click here to donate to the Harmony Fund. Click here for more about this story. (Photos from the Harmony Fund Facebook page) 


A Dutch school being searched for German snipers during Operation Market Garden, September 20, 1944

When I’m bored, I often make origami animals and give them to my friends or the people sitting next to me. (Also make them for bored children on the bus) Everyone always comments on how tiny I can make them, but this! This right here is the tiniest dragon that I’ve ever made

Band of Brothers + bruised & battered


Lynn “Buck” Compton + turning away

"…to be honest, Buck wasn’t the same soldier he’d been before he got shot in Holland."


Very attentive


Natsume and Hiiragi, BFF!